Protecting Your Family


You love your family and want to protect them from the nuisance and risk of West Nile Disease. Short of staying indoors what can you do? The local municipal government often helps but it is too little and too late.

Now there is a great way to protect your family and reclaim your yard. Allow Mosquito Safe to protect you and your family. By allowing us to treat your property we create a safety barrier warding off mosquitoes insuring your family is safe from harm. Using a light misting spray using our high powered back pack misters our trained technicians treat your property using a safe insecticide. It’s like creating an invisible safety shield around your property.

You may choose a natural treatment using natural plant derived oils or a synthetic product. Our treatment not only kills air borne mosquitoes but kills any mosquito landing on treated surfaces. The Mosquito Safe barrier spray product is so safe that beneficial insects such as bees, ladybugs, and butterflies will return unaffected.
Our pledge to you is that if are bothered by mosquitoes we will provide an additional treatment at no additional charge and maintain our original scheduled treatment. What more can you ask?
The best way to avoid becoming infected with West Nile virus is to not get bitten by a mosquito.

Want to learn how we can help you protect your family from mosquitoes? Please fill out the form with your information or call our technical staff at 888-478-0304. We want to protect the ones your love.