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Our spraying services offer commercial and residential customers a powerful program that provides barrier spraying for mosquito abatement and a full range of insect control.

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  • Synthetic Spraying

    Mosquito Safe Synthetic is a fast acting microencapsulated formulation for the control of mosquitoes and a number of other insects. The unique formulation contains a synergist that enhances two other active ingredients creating a powerful pyrethroid and synergist that kills the insects quick and provide long last protection.

  • All Natural Spraying

    The Mosquito Safe All Natural Treatment is a completely safe and effective way to protect your family. The active ingredient in Mosquito Safe All Natural is a proprietary combination of plant essential oils. Essential oils are present primarily in aromatic plants – those often used as herbs or for their scent. In these plants, essential oils serve many functions, including helping to regulate evaporation, attract specific insects for pollination, and, most importantly, defending the plant against insects and microorganisms.

  • West Nile Updates

    Mosquito Safe understands the importance of West Nile Virus updates and to be aware of the spread and outbreaks in your area. Our updates are targeted for the Texas area. Please check out the latest news from the web. We update our site daily to provide the latest news and heath tips.